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    Address:No.28,Jinxing Road, Metallurgical Industrial Park (Jinfeng Town),Zhangjiagang City,Jiangsu Province,China


    Employment philosophy / Employment philosophy

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    Angeei is a team full of vitality, sense of mission and innovative, based on the concept of "trust and win-win", provides broad space for growth 

    and development stage to pioneers who thrive in a constant state of creation.

    Angeei respect diversity, focus on the needs and development of colleagues, certain personal achievements, establish fair and healthy 

    competitive work environment. The company provide good opportunities for promotion and regards the talents as the valuable resources for 

    sustainable development.

    Angeei is a place where you can reach yours. And that's the place where legends are written. We welcome you join our team and make our 

    dream come ture.